We’ve completed the Outer Ward, and now tread into the Inner Ward. This area is of considerable size, and could be easily broken up into multiple regions, which I’ve taken the liberty to do. These regions are not contiguous, which makes sense from a "room a day" perspective, but I’d love to have them restructured for my own uses (you may treat this as foreshadowing).

The East Region

Consisting of rooms 1, 2, 12, 13 and 56-58, the east region is what you’d expect from an inner ward; the long main hall (area 1) a grand eating hall in area 2; a coat room and storage room in 12 and 13; a bar across from the eating hall in 56. Room 57 feels out of place with 3 unlocked doors to an armory, and room 58 being a trap/puzzle room is completely out of the question, but at least are fun rooms from a Doyalist perspective. Having these two treasure rooms just inside the inner ward rewards players who take the initiative to "delve too deep" without forcing them to go to far.

The Red Legs

The first of two factions on this floor, the Red Legs are a solid group that feel real, and would be pretty easy for the party to ally with. The Red Legs control rooms 3-11 and 14-22 and the space feels real and lived-in.

If the party does not tread lightly, this area could become a bloodbath, as the red legs greatly outnumber the players, but tactical use of spaces could turn the tide for the players. Having the hobgoblin in room 18 is a great way to endear the players to Vicenne’s side if negotiations with the Red Legs to poorly.

No Man’s Land

Rooms 23-31 and 33-37 are controlled by neither faction and are interesting in their own rights. I especially love the library (rooms 33-36), with an undead librarian and two special collection rooms with fun magical effects.

As was common in the early floors of the Outer Ward, there are some wonderful bits of environmental storytelling, such as the small gnomish room and the nearby jeweler’s workshop with gnome-sized furniture.

Vicenne Triskelion’s Lair

The west end of the inner ward is controlled by Vicenne and his hobgoblin crew, who populate rooms 38-53 as well as a guard post in 32. Decoratively, it’s more wonderful lived-in space, being the throne room and adjoining areas, plus the rear recreational rooms for the family’s private use.

Vicene’s a major asshole, so it would be unlikely for the party to side with him unless they’re evil or desperate, and if they’ve rescued the other adventuring party who’ve become lost in the dungeon, they may be predisposed to want him dead.

The Artisan’s Halls

Spanning rooms 54, 55 and 59-67 there are a number of rooms dedicated to various crafts. I would have preferred the doors to 54 and 55 be pointed inwards, so that all the crafts were segregated to this singular area, but this is a minor gripe.

Wrap Up

I’m glad to see a return to form, after the weaker rooms in the upper part of the Outer Ward. I hope this continues as we head upstairs.

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