We’ve reached the last area complied by & Mag and it’s a doozy. 78 rooms, tons of special rooms with special maps, and a bunch of interesting rooms. Unfortunately I feel that this floor over-does it on the special rooms.

A downside of the room-a-day format is the requirement that every room be interesting, which turns this floor into a slog of rooms with little space to breath. The new ideas in every room are inspirational, but I couldn’t imagine players being able to keep track of this floor without comprehensive notes.

There’s also very little in the way of faction play in this floor, and with the limited random encounters, the rooms feel unconnected to the area, as if each room lived in its own universe.

I’d been considering reediting Triskelion into a new, complete package, but if this trend continues, I might have to pass, as it’s beginning to lose it’s shine in my mind.

Next Week

Having run out of & Mag compilations, I’ve taken it upon myself to build my own compilations of upcoming floors. You can find them in this post.

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