There are a number of table rollers out there; Inspiration Pad Pro, Perchance, Omnihedron, ect. They all kinda suck in their own way, each one written by and for the community, with ease of use coming before logic or reason.

I got sick of these and made my own; RTL. The Random Table Language is a fully regular programming language that is tailored specifically for making and rolling random tables. The source code is available on link::[gitlab], and a fully functioning demo is available on my website.

I have to shout out Robert Nystrom and his wonderful book link::[Crafting Interpreters] which was instrumental in getting this system working. With the web demo done, the library on npm and a partially working Obsidian plugin, I’m going back into the mines to make improvements to the language. Look forward to version 1.1.0 soon!