This weekend I made a game for the 2019 GMTK Game Jam. This years theme was "Only One," which reminded me of a story I heard about the original idea for "Myst" by Cyan games. Supposedly, when the Rand brothers came up with the idea for Myst, they wondered aloud about an RPG where you had an inventory of 1 item. I took this idea and ran with it to make my game: One Handed Puzzle Masters.

This was my first game since high school, so I was looking forward to getting back into the spirit of game dev. I chose Godot as my game engine, as it’s a great open-source engine, and I’d been itching for an opportunity to try it out. Overall, my experience with the engine was pretty great, outside of 1 strange bug I ran into when I tried to publish for the first time. For whatever reason, updating the region rect on individual sprites works fine when run in the editor, but does not work when built for release. I eventually figured out how to do animations properly, so I had no problem releasing on time.

My art style was heavily inspired by one of my favorite games of all time "Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening" for the Game Boy. I did all the art myself using Krita, which is another great open-source tool.

If you want to try out the 5 levels I was able to complete during the jam, you can download a windows build from My Page, or you can check out the code on Gitlab. Since this was a jam game, the code is under an Attribution-ShareAlike license.