Over on the OSR Discord, Phlox started a community hexcrawl, inspired by the success of the link::https://slugsandsilver.blogspot.com/2020/09/foreboding-fromagerie-master-post.html[Foreboding Fromagerie]. I volunteered, as I had a desert themed dungeon floating in the back of my head.

This is the outline for that dungeon, and, in the spirit of the project, a call for volunteers to take on rooms. Feel free to email me (anichols@{the domain of this blog}) or send me a message in the discord.


Even if you are not interested in a full room, there is also the d100 Book Collections table that you are welcome to add to.

  • Stacks

    1. Available

    2. Available

    3. Phlox

    4. Available

    5. Available

    6. Available

    7. Studio 315b

  • Areas

    1. Available - Winding path

    2. Available

    3. Available - Has open drop into area 4

    4. Available - Has open ceiling into area 3

    5. Studio 315b

    6. Available - connects C & E

    7. Available - connects C & D

    8. Available

    9. Available

    10. Available

    11. Available

    12. Available

    13. Available - Secretly connected to 14

    14. Available - Secretly connected to 13

    15. Studio 315b

    16. Available

    17. Available - Connects G & F through an unintended manor

    18. Available

    19. Available

    20. Available

    21. Available

    22. Available - Connects B & D

    23. Available

    24. Available

    25. Studio 315b

The Fissure Stacks

Built into the walls of a fissure, the great library was once a cornerstone of the desert civilization, but time and sand have not been kind to this ancient home of knowledge. The once beautiful stained glass ceiling is broken in places, letting the harsh sand above fall into the stacks, and in other places, buried under mountains of sand.


There are 3 ways to find entry to the Stacks.

The first is through any of the holes in the ceiling, from which there is a 50 foot drop from the edge of the fissure to either side of the 1st floor. The second is through the west gate, a large iron hatch that opens onto a narrow passage leading to the western side of the fissure (Area 1) Finally, the east gate, which was once the main entrance, and leads into the reception room (Area 25), and opens onto the east side of the fissure, has been buried under sand, but can be cleared with 2d6 * 10 combined hours (ex: 70 hours for a single digger, or 10 hours for a group of 7) of digging.


image:/assets/images/FissureStAvailablel 2d6 on the associated encounter table. On doubles, choose an unexplored point of interest (including the fissure’s edge,) that the party finds.

When the party is traveling between known POIs, only one random encounter roll is required.

C. Botanical Hall

Plants overgrowing their pots and vines wending along the floor.

  1. Ynnbringer

  2. 1d4 vampiric roses. Ambulatory white roses that stain themselves red with your blood. Fragile. When pricked, save vs. becoming a vampiric thrall.

  3. 1d4 sphinx’s loping cubs

  4. Goblin fruit. Restorative, but addictive.

  5. garden hermit

  6. Shelf of unique collection (use d100 collections table)

  7. Skeletal gardener. +2 reaction if you are not destructive to the books or plants.

  8. [Related to an adjacent room]

  9. Curtain of vines over doorway. Will attempt to strangle the unwary. 25% of finding a suspended corpse already caught.

G. The Lower Hall

  1. Knowledge Dragon, wandering the stacks

  2. [Encounter From Area 11]

  3. [Encounter From Area 12]

  4. [Encounter From Area 13]

  5. Shelf of unique collection (use d100 collections table)

  6. [Encounter From Area 14]

  7. [Encounter From Area 15]

  8. [Encounter From Area 16]

  9. A Mutated Librarian

The Rooms

5. The Sphinx’s Garden

A female Sphinx lives in this small observatory, lit by sunstones imbedded in the ceiling. She tends to the garden and contemplates riddles when not raising her litter of cubs (only a few decades old.)

Not tasked with guarding anything in particular, the Sphinx will trade riddles (or answers to her own riddles) for information about the rest of the library.

She is aware of the Knowledge Dragon, and refers to him as "The Master Librarian," but fears him and has not spoken with him.

15. Lair of the Knowledge Dragon

Duzgakat (Does-ga-cat) is a young adult Knowledge Dragon. Long and slender (like a chinese dragon,) he measures about 15 feet in length, more than half of this length being his tail.

Duzgakat is enamored by the Sphinx, and has grown romantic feelings to her, despite having never gotten to talk to her. He keeps a book on his belt filled with riddles he’s thought of, for the use of one day impressing her, and hopefully inviting her on a date to the Planetarium.

HD 10 ARMOR Hardened Scales (as plate+shield) S 20 D 15 C 14 I 30 W 12 C 3 ATTACK Claws +5 (d12 slashing), Breath (Special)

  • Breath Weapon: A knowledge dragons breath weapon consists of shouting lost and forbidden knowledge. All within hearing distance must save or roll on the Knowledge Effects Table

Knowledge Effects (4d6 or 1d6+Int, Referee’s choice)

  1. The knowledge breaks your fundamental understanding of the universe, and you are reduced to madness.

  2. You are a meaningless spec on a forgettable dot in the middle of an endless expanse. Do with that as you will.

  3. Life has no meaning, and all your actions are in vein (-1 to all rolls.)

  4. [todo]

  5. [todo]

  6. [todo]

  7. [todo]

  8. Your mind refuses to stop thinking about what you heard, even if you don’t understand what it means. You are unable to focus for more than 30 minutes at a time.

  9. What lurks in the dark can, and wants to hurt you. You are now afraid of the dark.

  10. You are awestruck by what knowledge you are able to grasp from these words, but are inadequate to use it (-1 Int)

  11. You understand nothing of what is said, it has no effect on you.

  12. Wisps of the knowledge enter your mind, and grant you more power over your mind (+1 Int)

  13. You gain an instinctive knowledge of the general time of day it is.

  14. You instinctively know what direction is north, and are always correct.

  15. You learn to read and understand a new language. It will take time to be able to write or speak it, but you can with effort.

  16. [todo]

  17. [todo]

  18. [todo]

  19. [todo]

  20. Your purpose in the universe becomes clear to you. Whenever acting on this purpose, get a +2 bonus to achieving it.

  21. You are enlightened, and such enlightenment has granted you insurmountable power, however, your new goal is to live peacefully with said knowledge, and not wield it against others.


  • horde stuff

  • An iron chest, unlocked, containing a complete, 18 volume, author signed, hardbound collection of "The Tales of Richard the Long," (2000 gp to any book seller, 8000 gp to a knowledgeable collector)

25. Main Entrance


Mutated Librarian

Once a regular person, now maddened and mutated by forbidden knowledge, the librarian remembers everything, but can express nothing but fear and rage.

HD 6 ARMOR Bulking muscle (as leather) S 16 D 7 C 10 I 20 W 12 C 3 ATTACK Fists +2 (d8 crushing)

Understands common and 1 random language, but cannot speak unless somehow pacified

D100 Collections

Given the scale of this library, it has some…​ interesting, if not particularly valuable collections. Some are personal collections of the knowledge dragon, others were pet collections from previous workers of the library.

  1. An extensive collection of Cannibal Cookbooks, including general recipes, regional specifics and racial specifics.

  2. Lesbian erotica featuring Giant/Halfling couples. Most tasteful, some not.

  3. Books of anagrams, from 3 letters to 16.

  4. bestiary of metaphorical creatures [Phlox]

  5. epic-length manuscript describing a fictional war, written by an ancient scribe on stolen parchment [Phlox]

  6. Complete version of a saga which was thought to be only partially extant [Phlox]

  7. an unauthorized gospel of a major religion, written from the perspective of a maligned figure [Phlox]

  8. a collection of choose-your-own-adventure books [Phlox]

  9. the latter two-thirds of a saga describing a bloodline of mythic heroes [Phlox]

  10. an elaborate theory explaining the connection of several dozen major works of fiction [Phlox]

  11. a screed setting out how a major city is being slowly transformed into fallen Atlantis by a Lizardine race to resurrect their decadent empire [Phlox]